Jamy Porter


Cuts: W $75 M $45
Partial Highlights: $100

Bio: Not just one in a million but one of a kind. Jamy Porter sees each client as a chance to express herself through the desires of her clients. A consummate expert with high attention to detail, Jamy is known to reinvent styles and reshape our perception of who we can be. Never satisfied with current trends, Jamy is at the cutting edge of style and color giving clients a customized appearance that is all their own. Don’t be fooled by her sweet demeanor this woman is a tour de force mastering in unique and vibrant colors. A seasoned veteran of 18 years she is back after a short hiatus to continue her 8 year tenure at Sweet 200.

Education: In the past nearly two decades Jamy has trained with The International Design Team by Irvine Rusk, Vidal Sassoon, Beth Minardi and Unite Academy. Has had the humble pleasure to style everyone from Tom Petty and Don Henley to Florence Welch. A Master Colorist and cutter Jamy is highly versed in technical aspects ranging from Japanese Straighteners to Color correction.

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